Home Tour

Master Bedroom

My master bedroom is mostly off limits to the kids (as much as anything is really off limits in a home that wildlings inhabit)… [Tour Our Master Bedroom]

Living Room

This living room refresh was put together when I was trying my hand at a more modern style… [Tour Our Living Room]


Our bathrooms were the first thing we renovated when we moved into this 1950s home… [Tour our Bathrooms]

Dining Room

This is a narrow dining space (about a 14 ft. x 7 ft. of useable space since the side entrance of the house is here), yet I wanted it to feel special… [Tour our Dining Room]

Guest Bedroom

It’s the most recent room that I have made over so I would say it’s the room that most reflects my current style… [Tour our Guest Bedroom]


Our kitchen was the last major renovation we did and it was completed in early 2016… [Tour our Kitchen]

Play Room

Immediately, I knew I wanted to go coastal but also neutral… [Tour Our Play Room]

Kids’ Room

Personally, a heavily themed kid’s room is not my cup of tea but I do like to keep it playful… [Tour our Kids’ Room]

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