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I recently got the white sectional of my dreams from Maiden Home and I am sharing my honest opinion about my online ordering experience (because we all know committing to a sofa without seeing it in person or sitting on it can be intimidating!) and how it measures up in person.  After searching and searching for a white sectional, I reached out to Maiden Home to see if they wanted to collaborate with me since their selection checked all my boxes!

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My Requirements For Choosing a Sofa

Performance Fabric Options

It has been a goal/dream of mine to have a white sectional in our living room but with two kids I didn’t think that was practical.  Enter performance fabrics.  This type of fabric is supposed to be stain resistant and easy to clean, but was this too good to be true?  I ordered a few different samples (you can choose up to five for free) and did a little home experiment with fruit punch.  Well, the juice just sat on top of the performance fabric.  I could even roll the liquid back and forth on the sample and it did not absorb! I dabbed it with a paper towel and the fabric looked like the juice incident never happen.  This was promising!  And did I mention this was performance LINEN?!  I flipping love linen.


But I also needed a specific configuration for our space.  Our living room is rather narrow and our front door opens right into it, so I had to make sure the measurements were right so that the space didn’t end up feeling closed off and small (I highly suggest taping out your desired measurements so you get a visual).  I researched a lot of different sectionals that fit the look I was going for, but they were the wrong size.  Sectionals can be tricky because if it is the wrong size, it can overpower the space and look boxy.

Maiden Home offers 6 different sofa styles so the choices are not overwhelming which I liked.  Yet within those styles, you can customize the configuration (i.e. adjust the length of a sofa, choose the style/size of a sectional).  I knew I wanted a sectional, and I was able to choose what shape would fit my living room the best.  I went with the L Sectional and then was given a variety of measurement options to choose from (mine is the Left 127″ / Right 98″).  It was amazing to be able to customize both lengths because I was able to get a perfect fit for my space.

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Customer Service

And if you find yourself second-guessing whether you chose the right one, I will say that Maiden Home has amazing customer service (which to me makes ALL the difference) and they send you a sketch to approve just to make sure you ordered correctly.  If you’ve ever had a bad customer service experience, you know the importance of a company that stands behind their product and their customer.  I received emails along the way letting me know my sectional was in production, and then again when my order was ready to be shipped.  Since a custom piece takes a few weeks to produce, I found these check-ins very reassuring.  And then they followed up after delivery to see if I was happy!

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But, How Is It In Person?

So delivery day came, and honestly I was holding my breath.  I wanted this dream sectional to live up to my hype.  Well, it’s beautiful.  I chose the Oyster Performance Linen fabric and is a dreamy white with a subtle texture and sheen.  It is a comfortably soft seat that I was looking for (my old reclining sofa was very firm).  I love the stitch/wrapping details because it makes it look so high end.  I want to note that it is 31″ tall from the bottom to the top of the back cushion, so the back cushion lays right at the top of my shoulders (I am 5′ 7″).  Measure your current sofa or something you feel that is comfortable to see what height works for you.  This lower profile works so well in my living room because while it is a large sectional, it does not overwhelm the space and really gives it that streamlined designer look.

This white sectional victory makes me incredibly happy every time I walk into my living room.  If you have any questions about my Maiden Home experience, leave a comment and I would be happy to answer.





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