Five Ways to Decorate with Black

A while ago I read a quote about how every room needs a touch of black, and it really changed the way I put a room together.  Even if you are looking to achieve a light and airy style, a touch of black will go a long way in both grounding and elevating a space (oxymoron, I know, but see my quick bedroom refresh above as an example).  I partnered with Walmart to share five ideas to help you incorporate this must-have color into your home, linking affordable Walmart finds to achieve the look.

(Pictured above: I added a touch of black in my bedroom with these pillows and THE coziest chunky knit blanket that is so soft and does not shed!)

Five Ways to Use Black

#1 Create a Gallery Wall

Whether it is a symmetrical display of family photos or gallery wall of varying sizes, adding black frames to your wall space instantly reads chic!  Walmart has a huge selection of frames and lot of them are sold as a set at crazy good price points.

#2 Swap Your Lighting

From sconces to table lamps to chandeliers, adding in a black light fixture is an easy way to add style while also being very functional.  I love the look of sconces above a nightstand or a simple statement chandelier above your dining room table.

#3 Go Bold with Furniture

It doesn’t all have to be accents, as long as there is balance in a room don’t be afraid to choose black furniture.  For instance, use all black dining chairs but pair it with a lighter wood or white table to achieve balance.

#4 Mirrors

I love decorating with mirrors because they add depth to a space and can be used to make a room feel larger.  A simple way to incorporate black would be using a round mirror with a black frame in your entry space or even above your bed.

#5 When in Doubt, Buy a Baskets or 20

So many uses, so little time!  Baskets can hold shoes, blankets, pillows and I love using them as planters (just put a plastic tray at the bottom or even use plastic wrap to create a barrier).  I love how these baskets also bring in a little pattern with their black accents!

Hopefully this give you a nudge to add some black into your space.  Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post.  All of these are Walmart finds and as you can see, they have a huge selection in all different styles.  I’ve also been so impressed with their prices and will continue to share great deals with you!








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