Vintage Finds- My Top Online Stores to Shop to Get That Collected Look

I often take you lovelies along shopping with me on my Instagram stories, and whenever I show you my flea market hauls or some great local stores that have that vintage/collected vibe, I often get the comment “you have all the best stores in California!” (insert heart eyes emoji but also that little red faced angry devil because I know you like seeing the finds, but it can be frustrating not being able to buy them).  So, I decided to list my top ONLINE stores that sell unique goods.  I especially focused on the ones that have affordable finds (because I love me some Shoppe Amber Interiors but I am half expecting Rumpelstiltskin to pop out so I can promise him my firstborn in order to buy things).  Let’s get to it!

Threve Mercantile

I don’t know how many times I have placed an order with Lisa’s shop, just to place another order the next day.  She has a beautiful aesthetic (as seen in her home) that she carries over to her shop in North Carolina and her online store, and I constantly find myself stalking her Instastories to see the latest goodies she is adding.  And her vintage pillow selection is some of the fairest pricing I have seen (I own three of her lumbars!).

Some goodies currently available at Threve Mercantile

Abode Shoppe

Nice selection of pillows (at different price points) but I especially love their home accessories section of vintage, global finds.

Abode Shoppe
Abode Shoppe goodies


I think I found Meridian when I was searching for wall baskets.  This store has a beautiful selection of woven baskets and unique global finds.

Some goodies from Meridian

Connected Goods

Such a beautifully curated store, and as you are shopping through their items you will also find styling inspiration.  They give off a very soft and elegant vibe with their vintage and unique goods, and I especially love their selection of ceramics.

Connected Goods
A few of the items offered at Connected Goods


Seeing “free shipping” on online items feels a little bit like Christmas each time and all items in Lauren’s shop ship free.  She is one of my go-tos for affordable shelfie items that bring more of a refined collected look into your home.

Ethnic Origin Company

I don’t want to leave you guys hanging on some vintage African finds like the Zulu shields I have in my home or my Senufo stool.  Some of the round and oblong shields have sold out but this is a good resource to check in on.

Etsy (Chinese Bench Source)

I am always getting questions on my chinese bench that I have at the end of my bed in my master.  While I did not purchase it from this Etsy shop, I’m really digging their selection.  They ship from the Netherlands, so you’ll have to look at shipping rates once you add it to your cart to see if you really can’t live without the item (Erin tip: if it haunts your dreams, you should buy it).

And, finally, what you guys suggested…

I asked my Instastory peeps what online stores they loved for that vintage/collected look and these two gems popped up:

Elsie Green

I had never heard of this shop and as soon as I went to check it out, it was like stumbling upon an amazing French flea market online.  The furniture pieces are stunning and the vintage art pieces have me swooning.

Elsie Green
Beautiful vintage finds from Elsie Green

Shine Design Home

Another viewer’s choice that I hadn’t heard of with some reasonably priced beauties.

Shine Design
All items are from Shine Design Home


I had a lot of fun putting this list together and managed to only buy one thing during the process (which is total self-restraint for me).  And, hopefully you guys felt like you were shopping along at the flea market with me!



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