Bathing Suit Roundup

Yes, it is still cold out and I am here talking about bathing suits.  Yuck!  No one wants to think about what is hiding underneath all the cozy warm layers of winter.  But, we are headed to Hawaii for spring break (not the ‘woohoo, paarrrtayyy’ kind but rather “I hope our kids are old enough to behave on the long flight and understand the meaning of the parental death stare” kind of spring break).  So, I had to try on bathing suits and I actually found some cute ones!  I tried on all of the 10 listed below and was actually impressed that one-pieces could be PG-13 sexy AND comfortable.  Here’s my list!


02 comments on “Bathing Suit Roundup

  • Barbara Kaulius , Direct link to comment

    My favs are the becca suits – the green one piece and the black high waited 2 piece. I have a green becca suit from last year that I love – and remember – rock the bikini! You can do it!

    • Erin Broege , Direct link to comment

      I found the Becca suits to be the most flattering too! Thanks for your vote of confidence!

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