My Makeup Routine

I’ve been increasingly getting messages asking about which foundation or lipgloss I use and how do I get my eyeliner to stay put.  Makeup was my first love before home decor and I did my fair share of experimenting (running the gamut from drugstore to high end) before nailing down my go-to products.  So, I’m giving you a run down of my makeup routine which takes me about 10 minutes total since I have this baby down to a science.

All About the Eyes

Hands down, my favorite eyeshadow is by Anastasia.  It is highly pigmented so you really only need one swipe and you are good to go.  I use a blend of colors Birkin and Morocco (matte) on my crease, and Victorian (metallic) on my lid.  It’s worth it to do the option of building a custom four pan palette, just follow the steps in the item description.  If you know it will be a long day and want your eyeshadow to stay crease-free, I suggest using Too Faced Shadow Insurance and then it ain’t going nowhere.

I use Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner in Black Ink to line the top of my eyes and I highly recommend using this Nars Angled brush if you want a slightly winged effect.  For the bottom lashline, I use Sephora’s Waterproof eyeliner in Matte Brown Black, smudge it a little with a domed brush, and then use this liquid eyeliner to give a precise line (creating a faux waterline if you will).  I know! Three separate eyeliners for one eye?? But hey, this combo has staying power!

TIP: When doing a winged eye, take your fingernail to where the eyeliner ends on the outer corner of your eye and gently draw a line up.  This technique thins out the wing and draws the eye upward, making it appear more lifted.  Plus, I heard this is what Beyoncé does!

If you are looking to splurge on a good mascara, I really like this one by Lancome but I will usually buy this cheaper one since it has also been a favorite of mine throughout the years.


From heavy duty to tinted moisturizers, I have tried a lot of different products to get the “done, but not so done” look.  I want to cover up redness and pesky pimples but also want to avoid looking like I am headlining in Vegas.  UPDATE:  I recently switched to BareMinerals BarePro and am loving the medium coverage but light-weight feel.  and always buy two shades (one that fits my usual skintone (Light Natural 09) and then a darker shade for when my skin tans (Cardamom 23).  I do a mixed ratio of about 80% light and 20% dark on a day-to-day basis and like that I can create a custom color anytime I need.

TIP: If you have a special occasion or particularly oily skin and want to set your makeup so it stays on into the night, use Laura Mercier’s powder over your foundation.

After I have applied my foundation (with the Beauty Blender), I want to avoid looking like a member of the Cullen family so I will brush Benefit’s Hoola Matte Bronzer around my face, a light contouring if you will (under the cheek bones, hairline, jawline).  I then apply my blush and have found that Becca Mineral Blush (in Songbird) has nice staying power. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (in Opal) adds a subtle glow, so I will lightly dust some over the tip of my nose (you need to try this technique if you haven’t) and the highest point of my cheekbones if I am feeling a little fancy and need an extra lift.


Anastasia’s Brow Wiz (in Dark Brown) is the easiest to use when filling in my brows.  It is super thin so it can mimic individual hairs and it also has a built in brush to blend it together.  However, every time I have purchased the Brow Wiz, the brush has snapped off so it might be worth it to invest in a separate brush wand.  You should blend and brush your brow hairs upward and you can set it with Anastasia’s Brow Gel.


I have two ride or die lip products I use every day.  This $7 lip balm during the day which keeps my lips super hydrated and then this lip balm at night.  I am not a lipstick gal, but sometimes like a wash of color.  I have found Tarte’s Quench Lip Rescue Balm to be the perfect blend of gloss, chapstick and lipstick in one.  It has a subtle color (I have colors Rose, Buff and Berry although Buff is the one I reach for the most), is moisturizing and has a nice sheen to it without being sticky.  Yes, please.


If you open my medicine cabinet in my bathroom, I have a plethora of lotions and potions.  But I have narrowed it down to my true must-haves below (cleanser, moisturizer, toner and eye cream).  A lot of them have the “Clean” seal which means they are free from a lot of the yucky chemicals and makes me love them even more!  If you were only going to try one of these recommendations, I would bet my street cred on trying out Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream as your nighttime moisturizer.

Footcare? Oh, we’re going there…

No getting around it, feet are gross.  But these two things are the holy grail to tolerable feet.  If you want your feet to feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom (or the Trader Joe’s produce bags), start with the Amope Electronic Foot File.  I don’t often get pedicures (time + money), but I promise you this will leave your feet feeling even better than a trip to the spa while also avoiding the embarrassingly ticklish leg spasms from a stranger.  And I swear this foot cream is a miracle worker in making the cracks on the heels of your feet disappear in less than a week AND its inexpensive!

For all those who have asked, I hope you found this helpful.  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.

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