A Total Basketcase

It almost seems silly to write a post about how to use baskets. But if you follow my Instastories where I take you shopping along with me, you know that an outing is not complete unless I have found a basket to drool over. Seriously, I love them that much. And I inevitably get the messages asking, “What do you use all those baskets for?” or “I love them too, but I have no idea what to put in them!”. Say what? Well dang, girl!! Yes, I will show you how to make sure those baskets are living their best lives. And I’ll list my Top 25 basket picks at the end.

Credit clockwise from upper left: Lindsey Frank Design, instagram.com/lindseyfrankdesign | KimmyinTX, instagram.com/kimmyintx | Sunny Circle Studio,instagram.com/sunnycirclestudio | House Updated, instagram.com/houseupdated

If a pretty basket comes home with me, 90% of the time I am putting a plant in it! Big or small, short or tall, you can plop just about any plant in there. I buy one of those cheap plastic saucers from Home Depot to put at the bottom, but if the basket is irregularly shaped I will take Press ‘N Seal plastic wrap to line the bottom of the basket (this way when you place the plant back in the basket after watering, residual moisture won’t ruin the basket). Bonus: adding greenery to any space instantly breathes life into your home!

Credit clockwise from upper left: House Seven Design, instagram.com/housesevendesign |  The Heart and Haven, instagram.com/theheartandhaven | Frankie and Grae, instagram.com/frankieandgrae | Design Sixty Five, instagram.com/designsixtyfive

Nothing makes my heart pitter patter like seeing baskets all lined up! The uniformity of it all is enough to make this scrambled egg mom brain of mine try to hold back tears of joy. And when placed under a console in an entry, baskets can be very functional: holding shoes, scarves, extra pillows or throws.

Credit clockwise from upper left: Kismet House, instagram.com/kismet_house | Brepurposed, instagram.com/brepurposed | The Heart and Haven, instagram.com/theheartandhaven | Rachel Elizabeth Creates, instagram.com/rachelelizabethcreates

Placing baskets at the end of the bed is my new favorite go-to when styling a bedroom. Paired with or without a bench, it creates a cozier space. Not to mention you get to hide all those extra pillow covers and throws from your husband in there.

Credit clockwise from upper left: The Picket Fence Projects, instagram.com/thepicketfenceprojects | Monika Hibbs, instagram.com/monikahibbs | Whitney & Co., instagram.com/whitneyandcodesign

Toys and baskets go together like kids and hair pulling, you really can’t have one without the other. Open or lidded, stuff all the crazy in there!

Credit clockwise from left: Britttanyh, instagram.com/britttanyh | House of Hire, instagram.com/houseofhire | Lindsay_Hill_Interiors instagram.com/lindsay_hill_interiors

Another utilitarian use of baskets can be found in laundry rooms or open bathroom vanities. But they should also add to the design! Not any old basket will do, if it is going to be on display think of incorporating it into the space as part of the aesthetic.

Credit clockwise from upper left: Eye For Pretty, instagram.com/eyeforpretty | Mindy Gayer Design, instagram.com/mindygayerdesign | Whitney & Co., instagram.com/whitneyandcodesign | View From My Heels, instagram.com/viewfrommyheels

I’d like to refer to the above examples as strategically placed space fillers. They serve to extend and round out the space nicely, looking like an effortless accent piece and can even take the place of a traditional side table. Resting next to a couch or a dresser or propped against a blank wall, these baskets have the perfect excuse to just sit there and look pretty (ah, what a life!).

Credit top: Almafied, instagram.com/almafied | Credit bottom: Halfway Wholeistic, instagram.com/halfway_wholeistic

And finally, baskets don’t just have to go on floors! Put them up on your shelves, heck, put the plant in the basket and put it up on the shelf. It can be such a great accent piece to improve your shelfie game.

Here is a list of my Top 25 crush-worthy baskets because just one will never do.

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  • MG , Direct link to comment

    Great post, Erin! So many gorgeous visuals for inspiration. I was so happy to see the basket at the end of the bed. I have the same one in my son’s room.

    • Erin Broege , Direct link to comment

      Awesome, so happy you liked it! I am always getting questions about how to use baskets and there is so much inspo to draw from!

    • Sharon Edwards , Direct link to comment

      Great pist! I too love baskets & was excited to click on your pier1 link to tge ‘julianna basket ‘ to purchase, BUT they are no linger carrying it…NOOOO😣!
      I even called customer service & asked them to notify me if ANY stores or the warehouse had 1 left.
      I’ve searched the web endlessly for it, with no avail – can your resources locate others that sell it
      or possibly find out where Pier1 purchased from??

      • Erin Broege , Direct link to comment

        Hi Sharon,

        I think I saw them listed on the @malibuhomestore feed once. Try there!

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